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Chez Moi in the press!

A Cook' Canvas

Jan 10 2016

Those who know me and longtime readers know that I dream of being a Chef one day, having

started my site years ago while living in...

Three Bowls of Soup to Eat this Weekend

Jan 9 2016

January is National Soup month. It’s also So Cold You Don’t Want to Leave Your House month. If you do venture outside, make sure it’s for one of...

January is National Soup Month

Jan 2 2016

The typically cold weather of January is the perfect time to celebrate National Soup Month. Almost every country around...

Thanksgiving dinner with a French Twist on Fox 32

Nov 17 2015

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - Turkey Day is right around the corner!
Chef Dominique of Chez Moi joined us LIVE on GDC to show us how to give your...

Things to do in Chicago - RedEye

Nov 9 2015

The Hamburger Revisited by a French Chef
Chez Moi

Pumpkin Fest -

Oct 26 2015

Being a basic Bitch means loving all things pumpkin and Chez Moi is making it easy to indulge in this season’s...

Duck confit with sautéed pears, butternut squash fries on Fox 32

Oct 22 2015

Chicago Mag - What to eat and drink this week in Chicago

Oct 21 2015

Monday, October 19
Yesterday marked the start of Pumpkin Fest, an annual celebration of the gourd in the form of a four-course prix-fixe...

Chez Moi Pumpkin Fest - Now You Know Events

Oct 19 2015

Chez Moi Pumpkin Fest
I know many of you get sick of the insane pumpkin craze every fall. But I also know there are many...

Things to do in Chicago - RedEye

Oct 16 2015

Pumpkin Fest
Chez Moi


2100 N. Halsted...